Offline StarCraft II Loader Custom Game Tutorials - StarTCraft

Offline StarCraft II Loader Custom Game Tutorials - StarTCraft
Vernam7's StarTCraft lets you play Offline StarCraft II campaign and Blizzard custom games skirmish!

You will requires about 350 MB internet bandwith to finish all these steps. But I take 700 MB because when I downloaded the latest cache [step 4 below], it's failed at the end of the process. I don't know why that happens, so I already doing these things twice.

Me? I don't need these since I already have offline account and can playing all campaigns story. What accounts? These account:, I bet you guys knowing about that too right?

So...  I just need "Vernam7's SC2Allin1" not the "Vernam7's StarTCraft". Below is tutorial how to using Vernam7's StarTCraft tools. If you need SC2Allin1, just read these LINK and choose one what you needed.


• Play OFFLINE StarCraft II Campaign

StarCraft II Offline & Custom Game Requirements

• StarCraft II updated latest version [enUS or enEU/ enGB is recommended]
• .Net Framework 4 or newer
• Download and extract latest Cache Files once from the tool [See Screenshot below]

[The cache files are needed for Custom Games]

How to Make StarCraft II Offline & Custom Game

1. Disable your Antivirus / Windows Defender.
2. Download the latest Offline StarCraft II Loader TOOL - "StarTCraft v.1.x.x.x" at HERE or HERE.
3. Place the tool [loader] in the game's main installation directory.
4. Start the that loader, and download once the latest cache from the button and then extract to the directory it recommends! The size about 350 MB!
5. Click the Generate License button just once to create a full license for your game so that can play offline.
6. Enter your NickName [up to 11 characters].
7. Start StarCraft II Offline button.

7.1 "Tick" the remember account check-box so that you don't have to type it again next time.
7.2 Account for offline login:


7.4 Quit again after you succesfull login with that offline account.
7.5 You can create a shortcut of this loader and add the parameter -offline so you can jump straight into the game next time you played in offline mode, with your last name you used. [See Screenshot]

8. Finish! Enjoy!

........\StarCraft II\StarTCraft.exe" -offline


If you get message about missing data when launching the game, the 'Clean Up' button should do the trick. READ the message before clicking 'YES!'

This is not my prop, if this tool helps you you can said thanks to the maker at 'THIS SOURCE'.

Developed by: Vernam7, Snify, MadSheep.
Special Credits also in the program.