Offline StarCraft II Loader Custom Game Tutorials - SC2Allin1

Offline StarCraft II Loader Custom Game Tutorials - SC2Allin1
Vernam7's SC2Allin1 lets you play your retail bought StarCraft II game - single player custom maps versus the AI, with all options at start of gameplay.

You will requires about 200 MB internet bandwith to finish all these steps. There is two ways to make your StarCraft II [ SC2 ] can be played on Custom Game Offline mode. You need "Vernam7's SC2Allin1" OR "Vernam7's StarTCraft". Below is tutorial how to using Vernam7's SC2Allin1 tools. Click this link if you want to read tutorial about "Vernam7's StarTCraft".


Single player Custom Maps versus the AI / Custom AI

StarCraft II Offline & Custom Game Requirements

• StarCraft II updated latest version [enUS or enEU/ enGB is recommended]
• SC2Allin latest version
• Latest MAP Packs [About 180 MB]
• .Net Framework 3.5.1 or newer


Latest SC2Allin Tools

Get the latest version from HERE.

Latest Map Packs

Official Blizzard Maps : THIS LINK
Nibbits Community Maps : THIS LINK
artypixelle : THIS LINK
Bonus Map : THIS LINK

* Maps go here:
C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\StarCraft II\Maps

- Unpack the maps into a directory.
- Use the sc2allin1 launcher and in the Maps tab click the button "Add maps from Folder".
- Simply point the dialogue that will appear to the folder you have unpacked the maps and it will install them automatically to the right place for you.
now you can use them from the Maps Tab to play the game of your choice.

Custom AI Green Tea Version

Download Custom AI from HERE.

* Custom AI Path - optional Green Tea
X:\........\StarCraft II\SC2ALLin1\ai\GT AI 0.82\TriggerLibs

ESSENTIAL: This AI just for vernam7's sc2ALLin1.

Still have a problems with this? Try read the ORIGINAL LINK of FAQ.

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