Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Uchuu Keiji Gavan - The Movie [2012]

Gokaiger VS Gavan
Most fans are excited about the upcoming Gokaiger vs Gavan. Indeed, Gokaiger had cross beyond boundaries as to have the first ever crossover with the first Metal Hero in history. So, READ ON, for more info!

The legendary Space Sheriff Gavan, hired by Zangyack, comes to Earth to capture the Gokaigers. However, a strong enemy known as Gavan Bootlegappears and takes Gavan to the worst prison in the universe. The Gokaigers decide to help free Gavan and fight alongside to fight the new enemy threat. Near the climax of the film, Basco is confronted by the next Super Sentai team on a special mission.

Gavan [Gaban] is trapped in the worst prison in the galaxy and the Gokaigers spring into a new adventure to rescue him from that prison. They later join forces to defeat the movie's villain, Bootleg Gavan!
Berasa nostalgia, pokoke keren deh bo!

Genre : Action, Adventure, Tokusatsu

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Credits to [wide024][Over-Time][RoxasIII]

Shiny Gavan 2012

Gaban from 1980's era. Remember him ?

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