Dragon Nest Manual Patch v40 - v41 - v42


Finally we can fight our own characters, hello chaos mode! Also this is the content of the patch, someone else looked at the contents of the patch and this seems to be it. But take note that everything listed here [especially the costumes] will not be added in one shot this. They probably just included the rest of the updates here for the future when they decide to release them to the public. But when that time comes, we wouldn't have to worry about downloading a gig worth of patch anymore so it's all good.

Dragon Nest Manual Patch Download

Download DN Manual Patch v40 - v41
[Filesize: 589 MB]

Download DN Manual Patch 41 - 42
[Filesize: 4.81 MB]

Dragon Nest Online Manual Patch from version 40 to 41 and then to 42. If your client version is 41, please use this manual patch to patch to the latest version.

To check your current client version, please go to your Dragon Nest folder and open the file Version.cfg with Notepad.

Dragon Nest Manual Patch Instructions

Download the manual patch and place it into your Dragon Nest folder. Double click on the manual patch to run the patch program.